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Louisiana kid's marathon
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Race lessons from a 3 year old.

The day didn’t start out so great. Wait, actually it did. Park was incredibly excited to race β€” his very first race β€” and literally screamed when he saw the start line. But then the mood changed when we had to pin his bib…

January 19, 2017
inspiration personal

Why do you run? I get asked that a lot. Well, it truly started as a way to get back into shape after the birth of my son… but over time, it became the thing that allowed me to see beyond myself. It gave…

October 10, 2016
personal running

An admission.

Me after running 6 miles medicated. Blerg. Running has taught me so much. It’s been the thing that I can count on that clears my anxiety. Through focusing on my nutrition and fitness, things become pretty simple: I can be a better wife, mom…

August 18, 2016