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egg muffins
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Just call it a muffin.

Do you eat the same thing every morning for breakfast? Whelp, I do and I ain’t the least bit sad or sorry about it, because these little muffins are delicious. And yes, they are really called “egg cups”, but if I call them “egg…

March 7, 2017
Louisiana kid's marathon
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Race lessons from a 3 year old.

The day didn’t start out so great. Wait, actually it did. Park was incredibly excited to race — his very first race — and literally screamed when he saw the start line. But then the mood changed when we had to pin his bib…

January 19, 2017
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No more resolutions, just one word instead.

With New Years Eve upon us, I just sat down to my computer to start thinking about my resolutions. Hilariously, I actually take them very seriously. I find it helpful with goal setting — there’s some excitement to it too, a clean slate. But something happened…

December 31, 2016

20 facts at 40.

Today I thought it might be nice to give you a little more depth into my life over here. I’m pretty much an open book, and after turning 40, it’s been fun to reflect on some things that you may not know about me. Here are…

February 22, 2016